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Building the Fundamentals

26 January 2011 4,283 views One Comment

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There’s a part of me that wants to drop everything I’m doing on a daily basis, give it up, and do something that truly makes me happy (or that I think will make me happy). I want to forget about the past and everything that has happened and start a clean slate. As much as I want to do that today; start fresh and pretend like it’s a whole new life, I won’t. Why? Because there’s doubt running through my head. Then I start thinking about how this doubt is able to spawn within my own thoughts. Where is this all coming from? Me. I’m slowly letting it happen to myself.

I believe that self-doubt presents itself within our thoughts, minds, and through our emotions because we let society influence our lives. The inevitable will occur whether or not it’s through your family, friends, government, etc. So let me repeat myself again…OUR LIVES. Something of which we have complete control over, but for some odd reason let society and other people dictate what we do with this thing so called life. One of the few things we only have one of. Now, please explain to me why we’re letting society set expectations for ourselves when we should be setting our own expectations and defying the conventional way to do things? Why do we let others control what we do and how we do it (influenced decisions because of a fear or doubt that the way you want to do something may not be acceptable)? By this I mean, we may believe in something but get told that that something is not possible or it’s stupid. This leads into the why do we ultimately base our decisions from these critics? We live once. Ignore them and pursue your dreams. Our most valuable asset in this life is time. It’s this intangible concept that we can’t put a price on or say to someone “hey, I’m going to the bank to withdraw more time!” It just doesn’t happen like that.

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. -James D. Miles

Forgetting about the past and starting fresh may be scary for some. It’s hard, but the truth is it’s the past. Let go and move on. Great people have come into my life and for that I am grateful. Whether or not some of these people will be a factor in my life in the future, only God knows. What I have learned, however, is to surround yourself by like-minded individuals who will constantly and consistently challenge you by pushing you to your limits in regards to all aspects of life (you interpret that how you’d like). Ultimately, the qualities of trust and character are two key ingredients (and variables?) that you must find and learn about with another individual.

I decided to include this into the post as well because it’s what’s going through my head right now. I know if I put it off I’ll forget about it and won’t write about it either. Along the lines of being “happy” and in constant search for this other concept, which is also intangible like life, that I hope to experience and pump my veins with one day. And I would also like to share happiness with those I care about. The ones who have been there for me through thick and thin. The ones who have shun a positive light when I may have been sitting in a dimly lit or dark room. You know who you are.

In recent posts you’ve seen me write about how I’m going to start a business and this and that. Blah blah blah, right? This is, I guess in some way, my journey to hopefully hop on the right path in the pursuit of happyness and to find a passion that I truly care about.

Building the fundamentals to go on and do great things.

As you’ve read in previous posts I thought happiness was getting rich and living the lifestyle of a celebrity or athlete. I also thought that getting rich was going to happen quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works and it’s hard for me to accept, but these last few years have put things into perspective and I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not going to be a millionaire by the end of this year. Damn. What I’ve learned is that it takes commitment, hard work, dedication, and passion to make something into a reality. You want to build a business? Great! Well, ask yourself what you’re going to need to do in order to start that business. For most of us, myself included, we haven’t started a business or gone through the trials and tribulations that our predecessors have. I truly believe that you can’t understand something to the fullest extent until you’ve actually experienced it yourself. You’ve experienced something, learned from it, and now you have the knowledge and a new acquired skill set for the future. You’ll have a new found understanding that you didn’t have before. You’ll probably be thinking, “Wow, my parents were actually right!” Getting rich isn’t just about money either. You can be rich with the right people in your life (wow that was corny..sorry)!

It’s almost been a year since I graduated. No, not high school (since people still say I look 18)…yes…college! This is my experience that I’ve gone through. I know some of you probably haven’t experienced “real life” yet, and I don’t expect you to understand what I’m saying here. I’m not all that wise yet, either. Maybe one day I’ll be able to grow a long grey berard and look wise 😉 I probably sound like your parents or professors right now, whatever I’m saying right now is probably going in one ear out the other. Then you have that ah hah! moment where you realize, “HOLY SH*T thaaaaaat’s what they were talking about.” So here it goes…

What I learned and applied in the classroom taught me absolutely nothing about the real world. Books with case studies that we read gave me the knowledge how to do the basics in accounting, finance, conducting research, and writing marketing plans and strategies…sometimes for made up businesses and the list goes on. It was a matter of who could memorize the most amount of information in the least amount of time before the exam! I sometimes think why I wasted, let me rephrase that, spent 4 years of my life attending a university! We could go back and forth about the benefits of attending college, this and that, but I don’t want to go there. Don’t take me as a fool who thinks there was absolutely no benefit to college. There was.

This is my experience. After graduating and sending in / applying to jobs left and right I realized one thing. College didn’t prepare me for this. Sure, the career center offered workshops on how to “fix up” your resume, write a cover letter, and how to go into an interview but it wasn’t the nitty gritty stuff. I showed up to a few interviews (never having done formal interviews in the past) and just like any newbie I was caught off guard with a few questions. My nerves were tense, my pits were sweaty, and I had no clue if the bullsh*t coming out of my mouth was even making sense. I was later asked back for a few second and third round interviews. Let me tell you, my classes didn’t at all prepare me what it was going to be like working a 5 hour day and analyzing data to the core with some of these companies. Especially since most of this stuff was internet related (pay-per-click advertising data, analytical data, eCommerce data, trends, etc.). None of which most schools don’t offer courses in, but need to adapt to our generation’s evolving technology and offer these freaking courses! Fortunately, I’ve taught myself most of this stuff and understand the surface of it all, but never really had any formal training or guidance on how to interpret some of the analytical data. I understand that we’re all human and should have our own level of competencies and creativeness. That these interviews are designed to see who can think on top of their feet and all that nonsense. I just wish I was more prepared [for the unknown].

Then we get to the part of my life where I started a sales job. I learned more at that job in four months than I learned in any of my classes. I learned basic sales techniques, how to be an effective leader, and time/territory management. We didn’t have classes in college that were geared solely on leadership, which is an essential quality for anyone to have in this thing referred to as life. This is knowledge I can take with me anywhere in the future and apply. And I paid how much for a college degree? I’ve moved on and am now working full-time as a marketing analyst. What I’ve learned in my first three weeks at this J.O.B. cannot be compared to what little I learned in the classroom or from reading a book. The pay may suck, but I’m learning and that’s all that matters to me. If I’m not learning (about something I’m genuinely interested in), I get bored. Fact.

I completely lost where I was going with this. But the point I want to get across is that you must build the necessary fundamentals to go on and do great things. Build a solid foundation to grow from. Once you’ve built a solid foundation then start building another on top of that. It’s like a…pyramid? Except your foundation shouldn’t get smaller as you build upon it! You can’t skip a level either, that’s just impossible (there can’t be an invisible foundation in the middle of two solid foundations!). It’s all about your experiences and how you utilize those experiences to keep building and growing as a person. Some experiences may be negative. Don’t ignore them, take something away from it so the next time you run into that situation you can avoid it or approach it differently.

This was a long rambling by me…I hope it made sense to whoever may be reading this. I have a difficult time expressing how I feel and putting them to words, but need to let my fingers flow and get it out occasionally. Thanks for reading this 1,805 word post. Until next time my friends and silent readers…!

On another note, this is one of my favorite songs right now. Surprisingly inspirational. It’s titled Breathe & Shine a mashup of John Legend’s Shine and Sia’s Breathe Me by LeeDM101. Don’t forget to Download this great song!

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  • Jessi said:

    It was profound. I believe kids need to hear it from some one who is experiencing it right now. By IT, I mean life. School keeps people as sheep, a part ofthe herd. We don’t realize when we leave school we direct our own path. Keep on writing, keep the inspiration flowing. We can all learn fro
    Your experiences.

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