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Charter Comunications: Your Service SUCKS

24 October 2009 12,834 views 5 Comments

There’s one thing I can’t stand and that’s shitty service. How is Charter Communications still accredited by and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? How have they not faced any sort of class action litigation? I’ve been with Charter for three years (my fault for not switching, though there aren’t many alternatives in the San Luis Obispo area I use DirectTV for television but Charter for internet) and have had multiple discrepancies with their service and my monthly bills over the years.

Where to begin? Their customer service, online chat support to be exact, is great. However, I don’t understand why their 1-888 number redirects your calls to various call centers around the nation. I hate driving to their local office but usually end up doing so because they don’t have a direct local number–you call the local number and still get redirected to their call centers. Hmm I wonder why? Maybe because they’d be receiving A LOT of complaints every day and don’t want to deal with it. Probably.

I’ve had multiple instances where my bill will fluctuate and for the most part fluctuate by my monthly payment increasing when I change ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with my account (for example ordering PPV or movies). I’ve had my bill increase to find out that The Movie Channel and HBO were added on to my account when I never added those in the first place. What did I have to do? I couldn’t remove those channels until the upcoming month’s cycle was over or I’d lose my promotional package that I signed up for. That’s some B.S.. Way to skim your customer’s pockets Charter. And get this. I moved to another apartment this summer and Charter screwed up once again. A service technician came out to hook our service back up and all that great stuff. He forgot to bring the HD boxes we were charged for. I called Charter to set up another appointment and what do does Charter do? They send out another guy who brings one HD box, but forgets the second HD box that I was also charged for. So I had to waste my time calling them again. It took them THREE times to get it right. I thought everything was swell and dandy at that point because I finally got the service I ordered. But wait, there’s more! I received my bill and noticed that Charter charged me THREE times for a service fee of $39.99 (I forgot the exact price it was somewhere around that amount) when it was their screw up. Fortunately, I got two of those fees removed after having to go to their local office and arguing with their front desk employees on three different occasions–what a waste of my time and life.

What I’ve noticed at the local Charter office is that EVERY time I go there there’s a line of people. I’m bored waiting in line half the time so I listen in on their conversations. These people aren’t there to commend Charter for such a great job, to give them a high five, or a big bear hug. These people are complaining about the service they’re receiving, complaining about their monthly statements, and complaining about being told one thing, either on the phone or by a technician, and that certain thing not being done.

So as mentioned above, how the is Charter still in good standing and accredited by the BBB? For some reason the BBB website won’t load for Charter in the 93405 (zip) area so we’ll look at their national statistics. Lets take a look at their statistics.

BBB processed a total of 6930 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 6930 complaints closed in 36 months, 2581 were closed in the last year.

BBB Rating: A (<---------- WTF!?!? You have to be kidding...) Issues Not Defined: 160
Advertising Issues: 207
Billing or Collection Issues: 2,915
Contract Issues: 179
Customer Service Issues: 963
Delivery Issues: 39
Guarantee or Warranty Issues: 3
Product Issues: 97
Refund or Exchange Issues: 448
Repair Issues: 285
Sales Practice Issues: 269
Service Issues: 1,365

These Complains Were Close As:
Resolved: 5,699
Administratively Closed: 1,231

Enough with statistics. Am I the only one out there who hates Charter’s guts? Some of you may think so, but that’s alright by me. Here’s some other disgruntled customers! Have you ever heard of the Ripoff Report? Check these stories out!

Ripoff Report Charter Communications (Link)

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  • Dan Waldron said:

    I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  • Adam from Nebraska said:

    Agree with you 100%. We locked into a guaranteed rate for 24 months, but to do this we had to agree to a fee to end the contract early. One month after the contract, Charter didn’t increase the rate, but added a fee. To them, this is fine. I told them that since they can break the contract by adding new fees, then I should be able to get out of the contract without a fee and they said no. What a scam. They lock you in a guaranteed rate for 2 years. They are right when they do not increase the rate, but they do not say anything about adding fees. What a one sided contract.

  • Paul said:

    Their service is terrible. I’m afraid to call them because every time I do they mess something else up. They charge you to take off services you never requested. They change the channels around without any notice. Internet is slow.

    I originally called because our bill increased. Why? Oh, because that option is no longer offered. What’s the best you can do? This and this, but you have to agree to it for 2 years. Forget it! Don’t do anything, just leave my account the way it is. Low and behold they add a line maintenance fee to my bill the following month. I ask why it’s on my bill, I never requested it? Oh, you want to cancel it? YES! OK, that’ll be $1.99. Wait, you added a service I never requested and you’re going to charge me to take it off??? I feel like I’m chasing my tail talking to who knows who from who knows what country.

    And they want me to sign up for their phone service? Hahahahahaha! yeah right.

    I’d drop them in a second if I had another option for internet.

  • Adam said:

    I’m leaving this comment from my phone…why, you may ask? Because the technician didn’t show up at my house today during my appointment time frame. Its happens, sure, but this is merely the icing on the cake! First off, I never originally set an appointment, I was simply looking at their services on line and what I would have to do to set up service. I’m an accountant and being that its tax season, I’m very busy and decided I didn’t have a 2 hour window to wait around for someone. Well, about a week later I get a bombarded with phone calls while at work. Its charter telling me that a technician is at my house and I’m not there! No shit, I’m at work… where I knew I would be, which was why I didn’t set up an appointment. So I talk to the service rep, she was nice and helpful (or so I thought) and we worked out a time on the weekend that I’d be able to make work(saturday the 20th from 8-10). I even talked to a second person to help me with some additional questions and confirmed my apointment with them. That was on a Monday. Fast forward to Thursday 3:30pm, I’m at work and low and behold I start getting a bunch of calls from charter, apparently there is a technician at my house for my “3-5 appointment”!!! So now I’m pissed! I call explain my situation and frustration. I’m talking to a guy now who apologizes profusely and tries to make everything right by fixing my appointment. 8-10 is full he says, but 10-12 is open on this same saturday. Desperately wanting internet, I agree. Well, I’ve sat here putting of my long list of things to do for the last couple hours and it is now 12:10 and no one has shown up. What a joke! Needless to say, I’m done with this sorry excuse for a company. And by everyone’s comments here and on other sites, it sounds like I lucked out by not getting their service

  • Brad said:

    The BBB is currently being investigated for fraud themselves — so those numbers are skewed.

    I have had charter service for 8 months and I am averaging 3 tech calls a month.

    Their service is shit. In my town its them and direct tv, and my condo association won’t allow the dish to be installed — So its just them and they know it.

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