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Don’t Be An Average Joe, Be A Champion!

6 September 2010 6,979 views No Comment

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“The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one else is looking.”

I wanted to write something that would motivate those of you who are taking the time to read this post. For many people, the paths we decide to take in life are indirectly dictated by those who surround us. Whether it’s our parents, friends, professors, and co-workers we always think about the consequences and trade-offs in whatever it is we’re trying to decide upon. Most of the time we make a decision, or choose a path, that we know is safe and will be accepted amongst the people in our lives as well as society. That’s why there are more Average Joes in our society than there are champions. People settle for mediocrity, let Average Joes influence their decisions, and being them down to a lower standard of thinking. In my opinion, being a champion doesn’t have to mean you’re great at a sport or on a team that wins championships. Being a champion is someone who is able to take control of their life despite of what may others think and the criticisms that may come along with those actions. The difference between an Average Joe and a champion is that the champion is willing to go the extra mile in whatever it is he is putting his mind to.

So first of all, in order to be a champion, one must create good great habits. Ask yourself, when no one else is looking what are you doing? A Champion is always doing something productive–in a sense always learning. Learning new techniques to become better at whatever it is he’s doing. While he’s going the extra mile the Average Joe is sitting on the couch watching television only wishing he could live the life he visioned 15 years ago. The Average Joe is making excuses to why he can’t get up and go for a run or workout to better his health even though he made a new years resolution to better his health. The Average Joe is saying to himself “I have time to do that tomorrow,” “someone else will do it for me,” and “I don’t want to do that right now.”

Creating great habits is essential to becoming successful. Let’s say, for example, you’re building a team in your business. You hire someone and they’re doing a great job. As the leader that person looks up to you. You’re constantly under a microscope. If that person sees you slacking off, cruising Facebook on the computer, taking 15 minute breaks every hour that person is going to pick up on those habits say to himself, “he’s doing it so I can do it” and those habits will be increased ten fold. When you hire someone else they see that person taking a 15 minute break and start taking a 30 minute break. These bad habits will grow exponentially. Yikes! Everyday that goes by and you tell yourself I’m going to sleep in for ten extra minutes. Have you noticed that after a month goes by you’re still laying in bed and that ten extra minutes has become an extra hour. That’s an hour of your life that you can NEVER get back! You need to hold yourself accountable for your actions and stop blaming everyone else and their mothers for your problems or why something didn’t turn out the way you had hoped for.

“We first make our habits and then our habits make us.”
-John Dryden

The quote above is perfect. I hope you take it to heart. It’s just like the saying you are what you eat. Create good habits in the workplace, being a parent, as a friend, as an athlete, and good things will come from them. Nothing comes easily, only through hard-work, dedication, and time will you see results. Yeah, life blows. It’s hard. Nothing’s easy. Get that through your head. The leaders and Champions that we look up to on a daily basis didn’t get to the top of the pedestal without dedication and hard-work. Get back up on your feet and figure out what you need to differently so you don’t fall down again. If you fall down again get back up. It’s the people that fall down and don’t get back up that become Average Joes. Champions ALWAYS get back up on their feet.

It’s the mindset you take with you wherever you go and with whatever you do that separates you from the Average Joes. Champions and successful people are made. They created the habits necessary to reach the top. They had visions and goals that towered the obstacles that got in their way. When times got tough they didn’t give up when the others around them did. They pushed harder and fought harder until they reached the other side of whatever obstacle that was slowing them down. Once Champions reach the top they don’t slack off. They work harder than everyone else around them because they have to. Making their way to the top was easier because they knew what they had to do in order to become the best. When someone was better than them they did those things and figured out a way to do them better than the person ahead of them. Seeing that other person above them just fueled the fire.

What I’m trying to get at is that Champions don’t have bad habits. When Michael Jordan missed a free throw to win a game what do you think he did while the other athletes showered and went home? He was on the court after everyone else left shooting free throws. When Tiger Woods misses his putts where is he after the day is over? On the putting green tweaking whatever it is he needs to tweak so he makes his putts the next day. When Tony Gwen was in a slump what did he do? Took extra batting practice before a game and after the game. These guys had the desire to become the best. Being just like everyone else and complacent with where they were at wasn’t good enough for them. They wanted more and they did what they had to do to get to where they wanted to be.

Next time you find yourself making excuses or blaming everyone else but yourself pouting because this and that didn’t work out the way you had hoped for. Take a second to step back and re-evaluate yourself. Change your mentality, attitude, and blame no one else but yourself. You’re where you’re at because that’s where you set yourself up to be by the habits you, not anyone else, created.

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