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Play Hard, Work Harder

10 October 2010 6,654 views No Comment

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You can’t play hard unless you work. Bottom line. The purpose of this post is to hopefully pass down some knowledge I have gained through the last 4 years of my life. Mainly, my college days and through my first 10 months as a college graduate in the oh-so-dreaded “real world”. First of all, I can tell why we, as a society, refer to life after college the real world. That’s because, in fact, everything you once knew and grew accustomed to will change. Whether you like it or not. Think back to the days when you were a little kid..there was absolutely NOTHING you had to worry about. Except whose house you and your friends were going to have the next sleepover at and play truth or dare. A few years pass by on you and you finally made it to high school. You went out on Friday nights to the football game with your friends and partied afterwards, but made sure you made it home by curfew (if you had one). Still nothing really to worry about. Some of us had jobs but for the most part that money went into a savings account or towards food and clothing-the material things we want, but not necessarily need. As the years went by you may have heard your parents tell you something about when you’re grown up you’ll have bills to pay and when you graduate you’ll be an adult! In one ear out the other, right? Yeah. Then the day comes when you graduate college and reality hits. Hits you fucking hard. The hours you work increase and the bills pile up. Questions and thoughts start going through your head when times are tough financially. I have $50 in my checking..should I pay for my cable bill (something of which I don’t need to survive) but love to have for leisure time or go to the grocery store and purchase food for the upcoming week. You get the point. You’ll hit rock bottom and have to find a way to get back on both feet. If you haven’t hit rock bottom yet I promise you that you will. And if you don’t you’re one lucky son of a bitch.

So frequently we hear the phrase “work hard play hard”. I love that phrase because we all in some sense work hard and when we do have time off such as the weekends, holidays, or vacation play hard. It’s a rinse and repeat cycle. However, I started to think about work hard play hard…It occurred to me that I work my ass off 60-70 hour weeks and when I have my free time to play hard I usually just sleep in or don’t really have the energy to do anything because I want to relax and re-cooperate. It came to my realization that to work hard in order to play hard makes sense logically, but as young adults why not concentrate on play hard, when the opportunity is there and to work harder in all other aspects of our lives. We’re focused on our careers, setting short-term and long-term goals, and setting ourselves up for the future, whatever that may bring. We played hard the last four years in college. It didn’t matter what day of the week we got “slizzard”. Our play hard days are behind us and the work hard days are here to stay. There’s a fine balance between playing hard and working hard once you’re in the real world. Many of us have aspirations to be successful in one way or another whether it’s successful in finding happiness, in our careers, or having a family. For me personally, it’s to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur. To be retired before I’m 30 so I have the rest of my life to play hard. I want to work hard right now while most of my friends are playing hard so in the long-term I’m playing hard and retired while others are on the 50 year retirement plan.

It’s all about DISCIPLINE and SACRIFICE.

The most successful people have the discipline and will to sacrifice many of the things they enjoy doing in order to get where they’re at today. It’s a trade-off that many people can’t muster the strength to do themselves. I’m a victim of my own habits. I have grand ideas and dreams, but I find myself not willing to sacrifice the time needed to get where I see myself in the future. Something needs to change. My habits, my attitude, my mentality, and my willingness to sacrifice the things I once wouldn’t pass up. Discipline is also an important role that we must instill in ourselves. When you want to do something, but know you shouldn’t the will power to stop yourself will separate you from the rest. You must take control of your own life and lead by example.

I used to think that I was going to get rich quick. I didn’t know how, but I had a misconceived perception of reality and thought that somehow I would be able to live in my mansion and buy my Lamborghini. The real world has taught me, fairly quickly, that no matter what you do you’re going to have to work hard to get what you want in life. To stick with something instead of jumping around from one thing to another. If money is what you’re after there is no secret to getting rich. The only secret is to work hard. We’ve all heard the expression that money will follow. Here’s a quote that I find quite inspiring and let you dwell on as well. “Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons afterwards.”

Lately, I’ve been trying to balance my life. Since the last writing on my blog I’ve gone camping in La Jolla with everyone from the office and tubed down the river, attended Nocturnal 2010 and saw Kaskade perform at The Hollywood Palladium last night with a few other things inbetween those events. I’ve come to fall in love with music, the beats, and people at these events. We’re all part of a society that we’re trapped in doing the conventional things every-freaking-single-day. At music festivals the atmosphere is euphoric. Walk through the gates and everyone forgets about all the shit and drama going on at home and work and enjoys their time listening to and feeling the music. Tune your ears, close your eyes, and raise your hands in the air; you’re free.

My brother and I, aside from working our jobs, are working on a side project that will hopefully get us back on our feet. Success isn’t always about the money. Success is sometimes just finding something you can have fun with, love doing, and with the people you care about most. I’ll be writing more about this project in the future. Right now everything is baking in the oven.

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