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There is ALWAYS Somebody Looking…

20 March 2010 5,895 views One Comment

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Would you agree with the statement that there is ALWAYS somebody looking? You probably read that sentence and asked yourself, looking for what? Keep on reading and then figure out whether you agree with the statement or not.

People are always looking. Looking for opportunities. Opportunities to better their financial standing, health, family environment, and of course the list goes on. In business why do you think that companies advertise over and over? Because they want to generate awareness for their product or service as well as increase the consumer’s purchase intentions for that product or service they’re advertising. A lot of people say that, in order for a person to remember an ad or want to purchase a product or service they must see it at least seven times. Whether or not you agree with that is up to you. Let’s go back to why do you think companies advertise continuously. They’re creating brand awareness, but they’re also seeking to connect with the consumer who is actively “looking.”

There’s one company that sticks to my mind when I think about advertising. Allstate. It’s not because Dennis Haysbert appears in their commercials that I remember their company so distinctively. It’s the message Allstate promotes. Their television commercials connect with potential consumers on a VERY personal level. People remember their advertisements because they can personally connect with the message portrayed in the 30 second time slot. People care about their loved ones and Allstate will put you and your loved ones in good hands. The reason why I brought up Allstate’s advertising was because if I were to ever want to purchase insurance in the future I would probably do additional research and consider their company. Right now I’m not actively looking for insurance, but in the future I guarantee you I will be looking for car insurance and Allstate will pop into my mind.

No matter what you do or who you are never assume that someone isn’t looking (in a business sense). Assuming, will only cause you to miss out on potential (business) opportunities. In sales you can’t assume that someone won’t be interested in the product or service you’re selling. If you don’t knock on the door or pick up the phone you’ll never know. The person you assume won’t be interested, and will ignore your knock or hang up on you, may become someone else’s account. That girl standing on the opposite end of the bar may be looking for her prince charming. If you don’t approach her because you assume she has a boyfriend or is already married you may have missed out and at the very least, missed out on a great friendship. There are countless examples of missed opportunities and these are just a couple. People are always looking for something to fulfill their needs, wants, and desires.

The reason why I bring up the fact that people are always looking is because Rob, who I mentioned in my post What is the Key to Staying Motivated?, brought this topic up as well. I was listening to the radio the other day and my new favorite station 89.3 K-LIFE (positive alternative) told a story. A Christian singer, I believe it was the lead guy from Seventh Day Slumber, mentioned that a fan of his was looking for a positive inspiration in his life. This fan was at an all-time low in his life and was considering suicide. The lyrics from a song helped this guy view life in another perspective and literally saved him from ending his life.

You never know when you can act as a positive influence on someone else’s life. I don’t want to make it seem like people are always looking only in a business atmosphere. People are always seeking out and looking for new friendships and people to help guide them in the right direction. Go out of your comfort zone and approach people, let others into your inner circle, offer them your support, and be open to anyone and anything that presents itself. Someone you met in your social network may have just lost their job and you may have the perfect solution to their need that could change their financial situation. Someone may be looking for a shoulder to cry on, possibly yours. Someone may have goals they want to achieve and you could be the catalyst that gets them going on their journey towards accomplishing those goals. I really don’t know why I said those last few sentences, but the greatest thing is that you don’t know when you’ll cross paths with someone at the right time.

Quote of the day from the author, Michael J. Fox, who wrote Always Looking Up. “Every Failure I have considered my own, but every success has been shared. I can always come up with a list of people who have had something to do with what went right.”

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