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Too Often We Are Scared…

30 June 2010 11,204 views 4 Comments

A few years back I saw this quote in a magazine and have had it written down and saved on my computer ever since. I wanted to share it with my readers because over the years it has served me with great motivation and inspiration every time I read through it.

Too often we are scared.
Scared of what we might not be able to do.
Scared of what people might think if we tried.
We let our fears stand in the way of our hopes.
We say no when we want to say yes.
We sit quietly when we want to scream.
And we shout with the others,
when we should keep our mouths shut.
After all,
we do only go around once.
There’s really no time to be afraid.
So stop.
Try something you’ve never tried.
Risk it.
Enter a triathlon.
Write a letter to the editor.
Demand a raise.
Call winners at the toughest court.
Throw away your television.
Bicycle across the United States.
Try bobsledding.
Try anything.
Speak out against the designated hitter.
Travel to a country where you don’t speak the language.
Patent something.
Call her.
You have nothing to lose
and everything
everything to gain.

The way I interpret it is that we are afraid, as individuals, to step out of our comfort zone. That we second guess our ability to succeed, create our own identity, or as Ralph Waldo Emerson best said it, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” If we never take the necessary risks to reach a higher level of satisfaction mentally, physically, and emotionally we’ll always be asking ourselves what if. Remember, that your prior actions determine future options. If you don’t change anything nothing different is going to happen. You have to be willing to change because change is the only constant.

In regards to change, I want to mention something that I heard on a conference call one morning. If you’re sitting here reading this take the time to do this. Take out a piece of paper and draw one circle. In that circle write down things that you know could use improvement in your personal life and lifestyle. For example, you could write down that you need more money to pay the bills, your marriage could be better, your relationship with your kids could be stronger, there’s no time for vacation…anything you can think of. Done? Good! Now draw a second circle. In the second circle write down what you just wrote down in the first circle. Guess what? If you don’t make a change today to better your life, to follow your dreams, or achieve your goals then 1, 2, 3, 4, even 5 years from now you’ll still be in the same situation you’re in right now. Empower yourself to do great things.

So get out there and be yourself!

This kind of relates to a previous post where I posted this quote as well, but I really felt compelled to write about change today!

P.S. I’d really love to hear your thoughts about this quote or any stories you may have regarding change! Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section or contact me directly through my contact page!

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  • Red said:

    Thanks for this poem! I also saw this from a Nike advertisement in a Sports magazine in the mid-90s. I also kept my copy of the page with the poem, but the page is now old and crumpled. Thanks for posting the original page as well!

  • Felishia said:

    oh…i liked it very much)))
    so much truth in these words)
    thanks!!!this helped me!

  • Kathleen said:

    How appropriate that I stumbled upon this poem tonight. I don’t think I believe in coincidences so this must be fate. Let me tell you my story. I’m a stay at home mom with two kids and #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are all me. I was just thinking today about a book I read recently, and how it should be made into a movie. I could do that I thought. I Googled how I would go about doing that. It seemed daunting…have to get the rights first before even putting pen to paper otherwise a waste of time. All the negative reasons why I shouldn’t even attempt this came racing to my mind. Don’t even try, too hard. Then I decided to just Google the title of the book see what I could dig up about it. And your name came up somewhere down the list. I skimmed right past your name but then came back to it because it said something about Cal Poly in SLO and you graduated from there. That’s where I graduated from! “Who is this guy”, so I click on your link and was brought to this one and only post from June 30, this inspiring poem. How perfectly appropriate. Thank you for posting it. Although to be honest, I don’t know if I’m going to do it. But I am going to print out the poem and post it somewhere I will read it everyday….

  • BJ Wilkinson said:

    I saw this ad in a Rolling Stone magazine, I think, back in the early 90’s. I tore it out and hung it in my locker at work, and it has been with me ever since. I am a career police officer, serving now almost 21 years. I think this speaks volumes to a lot of us — And I have always believed that we should not be afraid to speak up or speak out about doing the right things in life.

    My copy is old and tattered now, so I was looking for a place to get a fresh one. Think I’ll save teh old one, and i appreciate the fresh copy I was able to print from this site.

    BJ Wilkinson, Chief
    Litchfield (IL) Police Department

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