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What is the Key to Staying Motivated?

13 March 2010 3,650 views No Comment

Being and staying motivated is difficult for many of us in today’s society especially when the economy is horrible. Many of us have lost a job or are currently unemployed, are strapped for cash, and everything we had planned for our future just isn’t turning out the way we had expected them to. I could keep going, but I’m sure you get the point.

We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of feeling motivated. One day you want to change the world and accomplish every dream and goal you have written down on a piece of paper. The next day you go back to your old habits, laziness sets in, and those dreams and goals are nothing more but ink on that piece of paper that you crumble up into a ball and throw it through the air towards the trashcan like a free throw hoping to score a point. I have gone through this so many times in the last few years of my life and have finally figured out what the key to staying motivated is.


Yes, you read it. The key to finding the motivation to succeed and staying motivated is inspiration. My brother and I had the pleasure of listening and speaking with a very successful business figure last week on Saturday (March 6, 2010), when we went back home to Bakersfield for the weekend. I learned a lot listening to what he had to say to a small group of us who stayed after everyone else had left the house we were at. What I learned was that you must think positive regardless of how you feel and not let all of the negative people and thoughts have a stronger effect on you. Once you let those negative aspects of your life take over you will ultimately fail at staying motivated and succeeding in your endeavors, whatever they may be. If you don’t make that sale that was going to bring in a huge commission to your pockets don’t get down on yourself and let it consume your mind. You need to let yourself know that there is a tomorrow and other opportunities will present themselves.

Rob asked us a question that had me thinking for a while. It went something along these lines, “When was the last time you were inspired? Inspired by a person or group of people you were with?” I thought and thought… What bothered me was that I couldn’t think of any recent time that I was truly inspired by an individual or group. Inspired to the point where I felt like a new person, someone who wanted to take the initiative to make a change, someone who wanted to start a new path in his life, and someone with a clearly defined objective to find the light at the end of that path. A light bulb finally went off, thank God was I relieved. The last time I was truly inspired was when I participated in the Ray Scherr Business Plan Competition in the beginning of 2009. All of the work and research I did was outside of the class and I didn’t receive any units for participating. I couldn’t tell you the day, but it was when I was sitting in a classroom listening to two successful Cal Poly entrepreneurs who now run multi-million dollar businesses. Hearing their stories and how they overcame obstacles, stayed motivated, and put in long hours all for the one idea they truly loved was priceless. I left that room with a new found motivation that inspired me to want to succeed. If they could do it, I could surely do it.

There was something else that I liked. It was when Rob said, “I got rid of the I have to in my life and replaced it with I get to.” He doesn’t HAVE to go to work, but GETS to go to work and do something he enjoys doing. He doesn’t HAVE to make time in his busy schedule to go to his children’s soccer games, but GETS to go to his children’s soccer games without worrying about when he has to get back to work. He’s free to do what he wants and when he pleases.

Listening to Rob’s story of how he lost everything, only three years back, and had to put a for sale sign up in front of his house and see where he is today truly inspired me. I thought I had it bad when I have my whole life in front of me! Rob had a wife and children to worry about. I couldn’t even think of how devastating it would be to tell my children that we were going to lose our home.

What I want to end this post with is that if you feel that you’ve lost the motivation you once had you can always get it back. I have and it feels great. Listen to something positive for at least 15 minutes every day or read something that’s positive. You will become inspired and find the motivation to succeed. What I like to do is watch/listen to success stories and I have also been reading ever day. It’s helped me and I hope it will help you out as well.

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